Hello world!

First, the introduction… Hello, my name is Emily, and I have a D.I.Y addiction.  For those who are scratching their heads, D.I.Y stands for “Do it yourself” and I am that self. I love decorating, being crafty and finding ways to add style without spending my paychecks (or selling my children) to do it. Thankfully, I was blessed with a completely patient (and studly) husband who doesn’t even blink twice when he comes home to a room totally rearranged or repainted. For reals!

I work as an illustrator while I tend to my boys at home.  Yes, I am a proud  (sleep deprived) mother of two happily rambunctious boys. Which leads me to my first D.I.Y project post:  Their time-out chair. I found the chair at a garage sale for $1.50. It was very worn and ugly yet I was smitten by it’s saddle seat.  So I took it home, painted it and added a timer to the back in hopes that it would help with arguments back and forth with “am I done yet???” The outcome? Bliss. So much so, that my boys have worn out the timer and I need to find a replacement. (Note to self- add a timer to the grocery list)